Purchasing and Marketing

Professional marketing of warehouse stocks

ED Systems offers you tailor-made solutions for the marketing of excess stock which give you the necessary organizational flexibility. Your needs as a customer determine the offer. Depending on the task at hand, you can choose from a variety of services: individual modules or complete service packages, all-inclusive purchase or consignment stock with the corresponding invoicing models. Ask us about the possibilities to place your excess stock on the market.

Decide for yourself which solution is the best for you - here is a brief overview of the advantages of the individual modules:

a) Purchase of excess stocks

The easiest and fastest solution for those who want to reduce their excess inventory is the direct sale of the stock to ED Systems. We buy overstock at an agreed price and keep the material in our own warehouse. You have no additional effort and acquire immediate space and resources.

b) Consignment stock

In the consignment business, we offer to take your goods into ED System’s stock while they still remain your property. We will take care of the marketing of your products. Prior to this we agree on details such as pricing and time frame. This is a business model for those who desire optimal pricing in a flexible time frame.

c) Marketing without inventory acquisition

For customers who prefer to keep goods in their own stock we offer a pure marketing service. ED Systems receives your stock list and will advertise it on the market. Regular updating of your overstock is an essential criterion for the successful sale of your excess inventory

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