Use our engineering services!

ED Systems has in-house development and design capabilities to implement customer-specific developments and adaptations. We concentrate on the development of smaller assemblies, system components and systems.

ED Systems deliberately relies on existing standard components and solutions. This avoids unnecessary development effort, time and risk. Requirements that cannot be realized in this way can also be implemented completely on a customer-specific basis. We follow a manufacturer-independent approach in the selection of technology and components. This gives us the necessary freedom to find suitable solutions.

ED Systems supports you with consulting, conception, development and redesign, mechanical design, sample and serial production and the implementation of possible approvals. A team of engineers and technicians will help you implement these plans. We have a wide range of experience, especially in older technologies

Examples of adaptations are:

  •   •  Ensuring readiness for operation without redesign,
         even if functional the original components are no longer available
  •   •  Performance upgrades with minimal technical modifications
  •   •  Re-design of necessary system components
         when less costly approaches are not possible

Development support

  •   •  Engineering support for the selection of components like IC’s,
         passive components, discrete semiconductors also power electronics

System Design

  •   •  Processor-Plattforms
  •   •  Display and touch systems
  •   •  Power supply units
  •   •  I/O Integration


  •   •  Enclosures made of metal and plastic
  •   •  Safety glass for technical applications


  •   •  Software adaptations
  •   •  Embedded SW development